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 Revised - September 16, 2017

(putting the puzzle pieces together?)

Hello everyone, welcome to "Come Let Us Reason Together", through the Bible. A godly man once said that the Bible is made of many different elements. The reason the "black and white puzzle" above was chosen, is because much of what he said is in it. He used to tell us, that the Bible is like a picture, and in this picture are some trees surrounding a lake. Behind the trees are mountains with snow, and beside the lake is a cabin. The Bible is not just one tree or the cabin, but is made up of all the different parts that give it the fullness and the great riches found on its pages.

When putting a puzzle together, you 1st find the 4 corners and then put together the outline. Beginning with Bible Student, then Home School Bible Study, next Repentance. you will find them in the menu on the left of this page.  You too can help putting all the pieces together, starting at the beginning framework of the Bible

Grab a cup of coffee and join us, putting the Bible puzzle pieces together:

Beginning with: (1 The Bible Mystery), We'll demonstrate how we put the Bible pieces together, context by context and follow the trail of evidence to find the TRUTH..   We are endeavoring for this to be as if we are in your home, doing Bible studies with you.  Just click on the AUDIO button while viewing each page, you can have your Bibles opened and a notepad as if you are in a Bible class.

  "Sampler Bible Study"
If you are a lover of the truth, this is a truly scientific way to seek the truth!
Print a copy of the following 3 web pages (see menu on the left):

1)  Bible Study Sampler 1,
2)  Bible Study Sampler 2,
3)  Repentance Word Study
Next have fun!

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Personal Relations,
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Looking into The True Meaning of Life!

with Audio

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Bible Students
"Come Let Us Reason Together"

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