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Stegenga's Concordance

(4rd in a series)

Thought for the day:  Proverbs 16:27-28 says, "A worthless man digs up evil while his words are like a scorching fire.  A perverse man spreads strife, and a slanderer separates intimate friends."

The word lust or desire, as in lusts or desires of the flesh is found within this study and is the main focus of our search. Lust is found within the family of words related to Thuo, and is one of the branches of this family tree.

But to understand any word, one must 1st look at the trunk of the tree known as the Root Stem. In the first instance above, Mark 14:12 talks about the Passover Lamb being sacrificed or killed. If you read all the 14 instances above, you will notice different reasons, whether for good purposes or bad. But one thing is in common and that is sacrifice.

Much more to follow so stay tuned!

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